Posturology means knowledge of the human posture, interaction of its own  regulation systems  and, based on  feedback: integral implementation.

Our body knows many of these systems, certainly when we include cell and sub-cell level. or the time being, posturology is limited to a number of ‘proven’ connections (practice-based). In France and some other countries posturology  can be studied at master level. See below:

  • pain (control)
  • sight (convergence / accommodation)
  • functioning jaw joint (somatognatic system)
  • manual therapy, osteopathy
  • podopostural therapy (posturopody)

In 1990 I published in the (Dutch) Tijdschrift Integrale Geneeskunde my article ‘podo-orthesiology: a pain theoretical approach’ (NTIG, 1990, 6 (39), 105 / 107PIJN TIG 1990). Podo-orthesiology is now called podopostural therapy. With this article I introduced the concept of neuromodulation.


Sight,  eye function

In the early nineties, a 13-year-old girl visited me together with her mother. She stood with overstretched  knees and a deep back lordosis. A major treatment was considered in connection with her back pain. She was also very short-sighted: – / – 6 both sides. I had already noticed that neck complaints and headaches occurred relatively more often in people using glasses, especially multifocal glasses. For this reason, I preferred to have the glasses removed during the examination. Patient stood in front of a vision testcard. Finishing my  postural correction she suddenly called “I can read much better”! After this reaction, I repeated the test and indeed, the effect could be reproduced. Since than I have treated many children, not seldom with dyslexia.



Stomatognatic  system

Trained in the Manual Therapy Marsman and having knowledge of muscle and joint chains, I soon noticed the sensitive relationship between manual mobilisations and posturologic correction. Especially the occlusion of the jaw joint is shown to be directly influenced (somatognatic system).

Earlier I had already written a booklet ‘Regulation therapy from the feet’ (Tijdstroom 1991, ISBN 90-352-1365-3) in which I have introduced the human posture in 3 D, under the name of Quadrant Theory. This theory and the MTM complement each other seamlessly.



Podopostural Therapy: how does it work?

When a table or chair wobbles, we are soon inclined to push something under one of the legs. The podopostural therapist does in essence the same: a flat insole on which slices 1 à 3 mm of cork are glued.

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Basic Bio Regulation System

This concept has its origins in ‘Das System der Grund Regulation’ pioneering research of Prof. Alfred Pischinger (Vienna). Scientists from the University of Utrecht have named this later as the ‘basisbioregulatiesysteem’.
Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) pathologist, had great influence on our medical thinking. Virchow suggested that disease is caused by disruption of the cell metabolism and cell structure. Cell research
since then has an important place in the mainstream medical research. Obviously man is more than the sum of his cells.

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